In 1912, the residents of Warren Point, which included parts of East Paterson (now Elmwood Park), Saddle River Twp. (now Saddle Brook) and Fair Lawn, organized Warren Point Fire Company No. 3. Meetings were held in the headquarters of the old Warren Point Improvement Association on 54th St. in East Paterson and was nicknamed "The Old Clubhouse". Apparatus consisted of a hand-drawn chemical hose cart purchased from the Eureka firehouse Co. of New York for $700. It was housed at a placed called The Broadway Casino, now a ruin on the East Paterson side of Rt. 4. At this time, fire alarms were sounded by way of metal railroad tires placed at the Broadway crossing of the Hudson River Trolley at Saddle River Rd. and Broadway, and at 54th St.. With the outbreak of World War I, most of the membership enlisted, and soon afterward the company disbanded. The hose cart still requiring the last payment, was lost by default.

In 1924, a meeting was held at Warren Point School and the resurrection of Warren Point Volunteer Fire Co. 3 was launched. The company was officially incorporated in January 1925. The newly formed company began to build a new firehouse with money raised by having bazaars, block dances, and carnivals. Soon after the completion of the wooden structure, a new pumper was purchased from the Larabee Co. for $5,400. For the next few years, the firehouse also served as the court for the Warren Point Justices of the Peace. A fire in the home of one of its members destroyed a large part of the company's records.

Volunteers had carried on a vigorous campaign to replace the first fire engine, petitioning the council so consistently as to make the issue known beyond the Fair Lawn borough. Ordinances had been carried to the Supreme Court, while in the 1938 inspection of an 1871 relic was displayed to call attention to the need for a new apparatus. A new firehouse, built mostly by the firemen, was dedicated in 1937 on Broadway near Hartley Pl., now the site of the Lutheran Church. Un fortunately, this company disbanded in 1939.

The Borough of Fair Lawn incorporated a new Warren Point Volunteer Fire Co. in 1940. Property at the corner of Rosalie St. and Plaza Rd. was purchased and a new firehouse was constructed. Throughout the years the firehouse was expanded by the members to accommodate the growing needs of the company. Another garage was added to house a second pumper to serve the area. Also a meeting hall was constructed in the rear of the firehouse and was available to the public to rent for special occasions.

In September of 1998, the firehouse would again undergo renovations. The entire second floor of the firehouse would be removed and the walls of the firehouse would be made higher to accommodate today's larger fire apparatus. Also offices for the company officers would be constructed. The hall would be turned into a large meeting room for the members of the present company.

Alarms for Company 3 have grown in the past 30 years from 100 to our current number of over 750 per year . They are comprised of motor vehicle accidents, brush/rubbish fires, structure fires, and activated fire alarms. The company also responds on calls for Mutual Aid assistance for surrounding towns routinely assisting in Paterson, Passaic, Lodi, Elmwood Park, Rochelle Park, Paramus, Saddle Brook, Maywood and Edgewater. Company 3 was also called, as part of a regional task force, during the September 11th tragedy of 2001. Security concerns prohibited Engine 3 from successfully making it to the Borough of Manhattan.

Members of Company 3 (from 1925 to present) who have served as chief of the Fair Lawn Fire Dept. are: Frank Roughgarden, Harry Reese, Donald Winters, Clayton Winters, Raymond Dekezel, Andrew Ryan, Milton Vernoy, William Threfall, Ellsworth Thomas, Robert Linsay, John Ciampo, Neil Dunnick, Harry Van Tol, Allen Woodcock, Arthur Brotherton, Richard Bente, Peter Monaco, Frank Bello, Ron Grant, Leo Cook, John Lyons, Chris Messina, Timothy Franco, John Bernabeo, Scott Osback, Lou Cicchella and Howard Londner.