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By Nell Stephenson, B.S.
April 15, 2015

你是在看一个插图hunter-gathererin the Paleolithic era with a spear or a photo of modern day advocate in such great shape, they appear to be the perfect specimen of a human, one thing often remains the same: the idea that all hunter-gatherers were lean, mean machines.

But is this theory really all that accurate?

没有曲线的凯韦莫门?或者是一点肩部,从过度过一点honey? (Not-that-funny-jokes aside,消费是额外重量的主要原因之一。顶部没有吃脂肪,忘了它!)

According to newly presented research,1片段化化石表明我们的属于200万年前的起源以来,我们的属于不同的形状和大小。

We’re all familiar with how humans as a species have grown taller, wiser and become more adept at decision making as our brains grew, but the idea that our body shape may have its roots date further back in history than Great Aunt Martha and her voluptuous thighs and bum isn’t something that’s discussed that often.



你对你的样子都吃了什么因素。在我多年来与客户合作的经验中,我会记下来猜测这一点营养can play as much as 80% of the role in whether or not an individual resembles the stereotypical hunter gatherer…or the stereotypical modern day American!


通过依赖声音,真实Paleo Dietapproach, you can reach your own personal best lean body size that combines what nature provided you with and what you choose to nurture yourself.

如果你5 ' 6 "and 45 years old, you’re not going to get any taller and unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do on that end. But if you’re also tipping the scales at 200 pounds at that very same height, you’ve got an incredible opportunity to change your fate (and your body size and shape) by choosing the path to better health, simply by what you’re putting in your mouth.



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