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国家营养月和古 - 我们可以找到一个共同点吗?

By Nell Stephenson, B.S.
国家营养月和古 - 我们可以找到一个共同点吗?图像

March is National Nutrition Month and according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,1“该竞选旨在将注意力焦点关注创新食物选择和发展健全饮食的重要性体力活动习惯。”

USDA的建议表明我们采取预防措施避免泄漏的肠道and cut outgrains,或依靠绿叶蔬菜而不是钙钙,是很长的路。但是,有任何建议是否有健康,并平行是真实的古饮食living exemplifies?

The USDA,2提供几种资源,以便自己追踪“更bobapp下载官网健康”的饮食,包括在预算上享用,食物计划和当天的提示。



Marion Nestlé’s Food Politics,3.P.rovides some insight in response to a report by the industry watchdog group, Eat, Drink, Politics,4.on some of the corporate sponsors of the USDA including Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Kellogg’s, General Mills, and the Dairy Council. These food industry corporations influence the nutrition healthcare professionals’ curriculum, meanwhile in part or in whole develop the dietary recommendations for the general public.

So you’re saying, I’ll just find aPaleo.从业者!不幸的是,这并不容易。Paleo仍然是一个利基市场,其中许多诠释什么是古老而不是什么是赔率。

在我们知道之前,我们不知道我们不知道。In other words, it’s easy to simply go to the doctor when something is wrong and, if there is no indication that what you’re eating has a role in how you’re feeling, there isn’t a reason to naturally doubt their council.

In an ideal world, we should be able to go to the doctor, get sage medical advice, and be straight on our path to healing. And in some cases, this can happen. If you’ve found an incredible functional medicine doctor, or an amazing naturopath who knows to ask if you’re eating麸质当你抱怨皮疹,或者告诉你吃乳制品在气象质和腹胀的症状中发挥作用!但对于许多人来说,这并非如此,因此,患者面临长期的药物和挑战,处理中度至严重症状。误诊是常见的,因此,消耗有毒标准的美国饮食(悲伤)是未认出的罪魁祸首。





Start a community garden, offer to give a talk at your children’s school, or team up with other neighbors to create Paleo potluck meals or picnics on the weekend. By proactively approaching the health of our society with positive, fun activities, we can collectively get ourselves on the right track to health far more easily than sitting around stewing about the erroneous, inaccurate advice we get from the MyPlate recommendations.

Remember, we can catch more flies with honey, and since蜂蜜是Paleo(偶尔),我们也可以乘坐这条路线!


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