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由Loren Cordain,Ph.D.,Paleo饮食的创始人Emeritus教授bobapp综合




无论如何,我是5'7“,白人男性,没有严重的健康问题,除了我一直都有高胆固醇(286-308),略微升高的甲状腺标记物(但没有症状),小的银屑病性关节炎和牛皮癣(Pitted Formed Nails只有)大约十年。非常活跃;每周徒步旅行。

2008:重量 - 145,总霍尔最富士士.. - 299,HDL - 74,LDL - 206,比率Tot / HDL-4.0,Tigly。- 94,TSH / T4 - 5.45 /?vt。D-?,同型 - ?,CRP- <10.0

2011(3个月前Paleo):体重 - 145,总雪橇。- 286,HDL - 78,LDL - 187,比率Tot / HDL - 3.6,Trigly。-105,TSH / T4 - 5.98 / 0.8,Vit。D - 22,同型。- ?CRP - ?

2012年3月(3周Paleo,+ Sun !!):重量 - 134,全面最酷。- 249,HDL - 92,LDL - 148,比率Tot / HDL - 2.7,触发。- 47,TSH / T4 - 5.79 / 1.0,Vit。D - 33.

2012年8月(5月份古代;重点后2天背包跳闸):重量 - 130,总收音。- 225,HDL - 86,LDL - 127,比率Tot / HDL - 2.6,纵横。- 58,TSH / T4 - 5.37 / 0.9,Vit。D - 44,同型 - 8

2013年3月7日(1 YR Paleo):重量:128,全雪橇。- 268 !!,HDL - 96,LDL - 162,比率Tot / HDL - 2.8,Trigly。- 48,TSH / T4 - 5.89 /?,Vit。D 43,同型 - 9,CRP - <10.0

简而言之,我对我的改进感到非常兴奋(指甲很清楚,关节炎消失,睡得更好等等),直到昨天,当我的血液工作表现出总饥饿的增加时(40分!)和LDL(同样)。现在我完全困惑,闷闷不乐,我甚至不能再烧到我的家人了。是的,HDL继续上涨(清理炎症?),但是LDL是什么?我想知道我在最新测试之前立即的习惯是否会影响数字?严格的Paleo(很多烟熏鲑鱼),在测试前一天的良好徒步旅行,14小时禁食(太长?)......前一周的轻微寒冷(是的,我已经有几个感冒了 - 我有一个5年幼儿园老了......我的意思是幼儿园 - 但他们几乎不会影响我),轻微晒伤,让我的vit。D(是的,我住在加利福尼亚州!)


Charlie, Lafeyette, CA

PS我已经与Lynda Fraasetto相信,并设定了一个日期,以满足她并讨论我是否能够帮助她开发Paleo研究计划。现在我完全好奇了长期古老古代。


Hi Charlie,

Many thanks for your long time support of The Paleo Diet over the years and for your positive comments about my books on Amazon. Your questions about the Paleo Diet and its impact upon blood lipid and cholesterol levels are important and resonate across the Paleo Diet community. I have taken the liberty to pass your blood workup results to professional colleagues: 1) James O'Keefe, M.D., world renown cardiologist at St. Luke's and 2) Maelan Fontes, an internationally recognized nutritionist from Spain. Their input into your blood lipid figures are consistent with mine.

基本上,你的cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk has been reduced following your adoption of the Paleo Diet despite your increase in LDL cholesterol and total blood cholesterol (TBC)。First and most importantly for CVD risk is not your TBC concentrations, but rather your ratio of TBC/HDL Cholesterol. From your numbers below, it is apparent the the TBC/HDL ratio declined following your adoption of the Paleo Diet. Lower numbers for the TBC/HDL ratio represent reduced risk for CVD. Your numbers are excellent. Not only are your blood HDL cholesterol concentrations exemplary and healtful, so are your low total blood triglyceride concentrations (TG). The laboratory that measured your blood lipids failed to fractionate LDL into its two components: 1) small dense LDL, and 2) fluffy LDL. Without these numbers, total LDL in regard to CVD risk is unclear. Small dense LDL promote CVD, whereas fluffy LDL reduce CVD risk. Based upon your TBC/HDL ratios and your low TG, it is almost certain that the elevations of your LDL and TBC are a result of fluffy LDL and increases in HDL, and not increases in small dense LDL. Hence, youradoption of the Paleo Diet has significantly reduced your risk for CVD。保持良好的工作。以下是奥基特博士的评论和Maelan Fontes。


Loren Cordain,Ph.D.,Emeritus教授


LDL would definitely be large fluffy non-atherogenic particles. The HDL is near 100 and the ratio of Total Cholesterol to HDL is excellent. This is a low risk profile. Overall looks good.


When I look at Staffan Lindeberg's data from Kitava I sometimes have doubts about what is normal or not. Their lipids profile is not excellent (LDL and TG not better than Swedes) but they don't suffer from CVD at all. Perhaps a paleolithic diet is cardio protective independently of biomarkers, to some extent. A low anti nutrient/bioactive compounds (gliadin, lectins, saponins, miRNA, exorphins, etc, etc) diet may be the clue to the excellent result shown with the short term trials with paleolithic diets.

So, this patient with this low risk profile plus eating a Paleolithic diet shouldn't have any problems.

All the best,


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