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September Series: All About Calcium

September 23, 2016
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钙supplementation and milk consumption have become so ingrained as part of “healthy living” that it’s hard to leave your doctor's office without a blood pressure test, a heart rhythm check, and a calcium prescription.


In fact, recent research is showing that calcium supplementation may actually increase the risk of heart disease.2

As we'vepointed out before在,钙水平,最终骨骼和心脏健康不仅是摄入而且排泄的功能。仅仅消耗更多的钙 - 作为补充剂或食物 - 没有任何关于排泄的食物,并且可能没有您预期的健康益处。



This month our writers take on calcium, addressing healthy vs unhealthy sources and more importantly, why absolute levels in your diet are less important that the balance of a variety of key nutrients – such as vitamin D, K, and potassium – that are critical for optimal “calcium health.”


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Promoting Calcium Balance Health on a Paleo Diet (Easier Than You Think)

由Cissn,CSCS博士Marc Bubbs Nd

Marc follows up on Chris’ article by explaining how to get the right balance of all the various nutrients involved in bone and heart health on a Paleo diet. As he points out in his title, a Paleo diet makes it easier than you’d think

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Coconut Milk: A Dairy Alternative

由Nell Stephenson.

Whether it’s part of a smoothie, a dash added to your morning coffee, or consumed straight up, Nell talks about living with dairy substitutes from a Paleo diet perspective.

Nutritional Strategies for Skeletal and Cardiovascular health: Hard Bones, Soft Arteries, Rather Than Vice Versa

September Series: All About Calcium image

由Loren Cordain,Ph.D.


September Series: All About Calcium image


Bone strength isn't just affected by what you eat. Regular exercise mimicking the activity of hunter-gatherers helps to promote bone growth. writer Stephanie Vuolo explains more.


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